Treat Yourself

You need a little time

As much as it is vital that we spend time with our kids it is equally important that occasionally, we take some time for ourselves. Many times we feel guilty for leaving them, if only for an hour to look after ourselves, but there is no need to, getting your haircut is not a luxury.

You see, parents need time for themselves too.

Tired mom

Whether it’s with a grandparent, aunt, uncle, babysitter or with the child care facility at Pamper and Play, it’s important for children to feel comfortable outside of your loving care*. Plus isn’t it time someone else took over, if only for an hour?

Here are some benefits of mom/dad having some “me” time:

  1. Being out. Alone.
    When you have kids there is no you…it’s all the kids all the time. All. Day. Being alone is so important for your mental health and remembering who you were before you had kids.  Five minutes to be able to think your own thoughts without being interrupted.
  2. New you
    If “me time” means getting your haircut well seriously, is there anything better?  (other than spa time). Think about it, scalp massage, someone else washing your hair and then styling it. You know that feeling when you first step out of the salon/spa with a new you. Those are the moments when you feel like you can take on the world and remember that you’re human as well as a parent.
  3. Sense of peace.
    We know you love and adore your kids, but sometimes silence is golden, so is leaving the house. That saying, “you can’t pour from an empty cup” is true. Whether it’s reading a book, going out with friends, getting your nails done or anything in between, all parents need to fill their cups so that they can give back to their kids.
  4. The reunion
    You panic when you leave them, that your child can’t possibly cope without you (chances are, they will cry when you leave, but generally kids forget about you and start playing within the first 5 minutes). When you’re reunited with your littles…it’s the best! You’re excited to see them, they’re excited to see you! It’s like the Love Actually airport scene!

Even if it’s just for an hour, we promise that time away from your littles to take care of yourself IS important. Everyone needs to press the reset button every now and again and there is no shame or guilt in that, it’s only human.

*This is barring any developmental milestones/teething where they will not for the mercy of your sanity leave your side for one minute.

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