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Just for Kids – Hot Tots

We recently brought in a new line of products for kids hair! Have you seen it?

It’s called Hot Tots and was created by a mom, Meghan Gage,  looking for safe products for her kids! Hot Tots was scouted by Shark Tank and Mark Cuban is now an investor in Hot Tots.

Some great info about why Hot Tots is great for kids:

  • Allergy Tested- Hot Tot’s products have been tested extensively by a third party lab to verify that our full line is hypoallergenic. Allergic reactions are among the most common concerns with fragrance.
  • Phthalate Free- Our signature Cabbage Patch inspired fragrance is custom blended and certified phthalate free. Safe and healthy formulas for kids are of the utmost importance and we would never contaminate our products with toxins of any kind.
  • Full Disclosure- We list the components of our fragrance according to The 7th Amendment to the Cosmetic Directive of the European Union (EU). While this isn’t required in the U.S., we want our customers to be fully informed and confident in our products! We also have an ingredient glossary on our website in the event that you are curious about anything specific.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

PS If you’re interested in seeing more from Hot Tots and Shark Tank, there’s a follow up to the episode HERE.



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