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Big News for March – Reduced Prices

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When we opened Pamper and Play, we wanted to create a space where everyone would be able to get premium spa and salon services in a warm friendly environment, but with a twist. Sometimes parents aren’t able to get out and give themselves basic treatments because they have no one to watch their children, thus moms (mostly moms, sometimes dads) were not getting their hair cut. Thus, why we added the playroom and childminding¬†services so that everyone could come and treat themselves and have some pampering while the little ones played.

What we’ve found in ¬†3 years of business is that it’s not just the basic hair cut that is making a small difference in mom’s lives, it’s that one hour away spending time on yourself. A pedicure (which is amazing and our staff are incredible) is not just a pedicure. It’s a moment of time to think to yourself. It’s a moment to remember the times when you could have a pedicure without feeling guilt because of all the other things you need to do.

As we reflect back on our mission of giving moms (and dads) the time to take care of themselves, we decided that we needed to reduce our prices to help the parents.

With that in mind, we’ve reduced the priced 30-50% on all of our Spa services and some of our Salon services.¬†

Tara explains in this video below:

What’s next? Book an appointment! It’s time to take care of you.

How to book an appointment? It’s easy, just call our Salon and Spa at 780-440-7529. To see a list of the prices, have a look on our WEBSITE


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